Answer of What country name is Latin for “Sunday”?

What country name is Latin for “Sunday”?

Answer of What country name is Latin for “Sunday”? is …1. Macedonia 2. Nigeria 3. Nova Scotia 4. Dominica

What country name is Latin for “Sunday”?

Dominica – Christopher Columbus first laid eyes on what is now the Caribbean island nation of Dominica on Sunday, November 3, 1493. So when it got here to a name, he merely drew inspiration from this divine day of the week. In Latin, “Dominica” interprets to “Sunday”; in Italian the phrase means “belonging to the Lord.” After all, the island had a name lengthy earlier than Columbus arrived — the native Kalinago individuals referred to as their island Wai’tu kubuli, which implies “tall is her physique.” Though varied European powers subsequently tried to colonize the island, that they had little luck over the centuries. Nevertheless, the French managed to settle there within the 18th century, and Britain took possession shortly after. It wasn’t till 1978 that the island gained independence and have become the Commonwealth of Dominica.:

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