Answer of Where is this “stone forest”?

Where is this “stone forest”?

Answer of Where is this “stone forest”? is …1. Argentina 2. China 3. Canada 4. Czechia

Where is this “stone forest”?

China – There are petrified forests after which there are forests which have merely been constructed of stone. China’s Kunming Stone Forest is the latter. The karst panorama made of limestone was known as the “First Marvel of the World” way back to the Ming Dynasty through the 14th century. The spellbinding forest of rock appears to be like like crops, animals, and other people have been certain by spells, as many of the jagged stones appear like recognizable figures and shapes. Are they maybe people caught in time, enchanted or cursed? Or are these simply nature’s masterpieces, formed by erosion? You’ll be able to resolve for your self whenever you go to the Better Stone Forest, the Lesser Stone Forest, and even the Subterranean Stone Forest at Zhiyun Cave.:

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