Answer of Where is the “Father of Geography” from?

Where is the “Father of Geography” from?

Answer of Where is the “Father of Geography” from? is …1. United Kingdom 2. Spain 3. Italy 4. Greece

Where is the “Father of Geography” from?

Greece – Identical to the “Father of Arithmetic,” Archimedes, and the “Father of Philosophy,” Socrates, the “Father of Geography” got here from Greece. Eratosthenes was a Greek mathematician, geographer, astronomer, and poet lengthy earlier than geography grew to become a factor. In actual fact, Eratosthenes is mentioned to have invented the phrase “geography” together with different geographical phrases. His efforts in these early years, between 276 B.C. and 192 B.C., included makes an attempt to calculate the distance from Earth to the Solar, in addition to Earth’s circumference. He created the first world map, ran the Nice Library of Alexandria in Egypt, understood {that a} yr is barely longer than 12 months, requiring an occasional leap day, and invented the sieve of Eratosthenes, an algorithm that identifies prime numbers.:

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