Answer of Where is Chichen Itza?

Where is Chichen Itza?

Answer of Where is Chichen Itza? is …1. Peru 2. The USA 3. Mexico 4. Brazil

Where is Chichen Itza?

Mexico – It’s in Yucatán, Mexico, the place you’ll discover Chichen Itza — one of probably the most spectacular examples of pre-Columbian civilization. Earlier than European explorers arrived, native societies had been flourishing for hundreds of years within the Americas, together with the Maya peoples. The Mayan civilization lined a lot of Mesoamerica, together with an enormous swath of southern Mexico and the northern elements of Central America, and Chichen Itza was as soon as one of its largest cities, established round 600 A.D. Right now, Chichen Itza is one of Mexico’s most vital archeological websites and a UNESCO World Heritage Web site. Greater than 2 million vacationers go to yearly (many from close by Cancun) to be awed by what the Mayans constructed — notably “El Castillo,” an enormous Mayan temple within the form of a pyramid. :

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